The deadest genre just continues to get deader as three—yes, three!—new Japanese role-playing games hit U.S. shores today.

There's Pandora's Tower, an action-RPG that might just be the last big Wii release ever. End of an era. I've spent a couple hours with Pandora's Tower, and I think it's fun so far, although I wish it was in high definition. It's hard to really appreciate the act of killing monsters and feeding their flesh to a little girl when it's rendered in 480p.

Atlus is releasing their 3DS remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers today as well, if you're into first-person dungeon-crawlers. It feels rather antiquated compared to Atlus's last big release, Etrian Odyssey IV—probably because Soul Hackers was originally released in 1997—but it's interesting nonetheless.


The third game wasn't made in Japan, but it's a Japanese RPG nonetheless: Book One of Dragon Fantasy, an episodic series designed to emulate the old 8-bit classics. It's out for PS3 and Vita today.

It's Tuesday, April 16, and this has been your JRPG public service announcement.