Pandora's Tower Will Be Out This April. Here's The First U.S. Trailer.

Wii action-RPG Pandora's Tower will be out in North America this April, publisher Xseed said today. You can check out the first U.S. trailer above.


With Nintendo focusing on their newly-launched Wii U and third-party publishers sticking with game consoles that can output in high-definition, this may very well be the Wii's swan song. Farewell, dear Wii. You served us well.

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I need some perspective here...


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Have been just typical JRPG experience for me so far. Yes, they are part of the high end production product and fairly enjoyable. But I don't have any clue as to why the gaming world made a huge deal out of it.

Will Pandora's Tower be any different? I am not so sure at this point...