Three Capcom 360 Platinum Hits, One Box

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What would you do if Capcom bundled together Lost Planet, Devil May Cry 4, and Dead Rising into one release at a lower price? Capcom is hoping you'd buy it.


Coming September 8th, the Platinum Hits Triple Pack takes the three Platinum Hits titles and squishes them together into one piece of confused game box art. Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition are then packed into a DVD case affixed with said art, making for one lovely bundle of three games, at least two of which you've already played. Even at the bargain price of $39.99, this bundle probably isn't for you. I would imagine that a parent purchasing a first Xbox 360 for their teenager this holiday season will find the lure of three acclaimed titles in one package extremely alluring. If my mother rolled up Christmas morning with a new 360 and the Platinum Hits Triple Pack, I would feel horrible for only printing her out a card on my inkjet again this year.


captain zach america

Am I the only one that didn't like lost planet at all hehe. I thought it was really bad... I played for like an hour and got bored of the weird controls.