Three Bloodborne Players Race Neck-And-Neck For The Fastest Kills

Care for a reminder of how good people can be at Bloodborne? I’ve got just the thing.


The challenge, part of a PlayStation-sponsored competition hosted by VaatiVidya, was simple: You’ve got 15 minutes. Start a new game of Bloodborne, and kill as many human Hunter characters as you can.

It pains me to watch people kill my girl Eileen so eagerly, but all the same, I really liked this video. Each player takes a slightly different approach, and it’s really cool to see how a tiny adjustment—a perfect jump here, a more aggressive enemy there—can slow things down or speed them up.


Hmm, I actually haven’t played Bloodborne since the patch. This has me wanting to go back to my New Game+...

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Killing the “guy” in the Cathedral Ward depressed me immensely. Killing the only true “good” person in the entire game, and I snuffed him out for a rune.