1. Angry Birds HD: This puzzle game has you shooting a variety of birds across the sky into the many different fortresses of those stinking pigs, with their beady eyes and tiny, little smirky smiles in hunt for your lost eggs. Easy to understand, hard to not get addicted to, Angry Birds combines the fun of physics-based demolition and sling-shotting, with enragingly snide pigs. That and there's more than 180 levels.

2. Plants Vs. Zombies HD: This larger version of the iPhone game features a few more twists, but the biggest draw is watching the game unfold on a huge screen with liquid fast graphics.


3. USA Today: No, you're not confused. USA Today remains one of the largest newspapers in the United States. But this free newspaper app also comes with daily free crossword puzzles and a remarkable slick interface for playing them. And it's free.