Threadless $10 Sale Lets You Dress For A Whole Week For The Price Of One Game

Community driven t-shirt maker Threadless is kicking off its latest and, some say, greatest sale on upper torso wear, slashing prices to just $10 USD in honor of the brand's tenth anniversary. That means super cheap gaming related t-shirts!

For less than the price of a new release video game, you can dress yourself for the whole week. Of course, that means getting an extra day out of one of those t-shirts, but that's completely within the realm of good taste and hygiene. Threadless mostly deals in the "punny" style of game shirts, perfect for the fan of Super Mario Bros., Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros. or Space Invaders.


Stop reading this and go shopping. These are going to sell at the exact same rate as hotcakes when everyone else realizes what a good deal this is.

Threadless $10 Tee Sale - Gaming [Threadless]

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