THQ closed down for good over a year ago, but the company's old corporate HQ remains, and in that time nobody has moved in to clean out all their old stuff. Games, posters, E3 prizes, the works, it's all just sitting there.

Redditor Soulessgingr works for a company that recently moved into the same building, so of course one of the first things he did was head down there with a camera.

What he found is...well, it's a little sad. Seeing all those awards and games gathering dust seems a cruel burial for a company that, suicidal business practices aside, tended to be thought of more fondly than most big video game publishers.


The South Park poster is particularly heartbreaking, seeing as THQ never even got to release it (Ubisoft stepped in and carried it over the line).

THQ Building [Imgur, via Gamespot]