Thousands of Developers Want to Make Games for the Ouya

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Let's say you're someone who put up their hard earned money to back the Ouya. You already believed in the hack-friendly Android-based game console enough to help it become one of Kickstarter's biggest success stories. But you might be wondering just how many developers are going to be making games for the thing.


Well, in an update about new executive hires they've made, Ouya just announced that they've been contacted by more than 1,000 developers interested in getting their work onto the console. 800 developers already contributed to the console's crowdfunding campaign to access development kits and this new info means that almost 2000 game-makers could be funneling their ideas into the new console.

The company also says that they're talking with more than 50 international distributors to make the hardware available around the world once the console is out of production.


So, it seems that Ouya will be an independently created console with a potentially massive launch library—filled with maybe even more indie titles than the Wii U. And one that could potentially jump over the weird cultural hurdles that, say, the Xbox 360 has faced in Japan. We'll see just how much Ouya changes the game when the console comes out next year.

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it won't change anything. people don't wanna play phone games on their tv. and it is not powerful enough to run a console (or PC) quality game. I don't think Ouya will necessarily fail, but it's not gonna change anything either. It will be a niche item for a handful of people.