Thought Demon's Souls Was Hard? Dark Souls Will Be Even Harder

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Demon's Souls was a challenging game, and while some thrived on that challenge, others shied away. That cowardly bunch will find no succor in the game's follow-up, as Dark Souls promises to be even more difficult.


More difficult than Demon's Souls. To some that seems like an impossible thing, yet that's just what Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki promises in a Q&A session posted today on the PlayStation Blog. He says that part of the increased difficulty in the new game comes in the form of newfound freedom for the players.

Yes, Demon's Souls was known for its incredible difficulty [laughter]. With Dark Souls, there is no intention to decrease the difficulty at all. Actually, we intend to increase the difficulty of the game. (Sid: !!!) But not simply by making the game more difficult, but by giving players the freedom to strategize freely and conquer that difficulty, and to be rewarded accordingly.

MIyazaki says the goal is to make things more "spicy" while still remaining tasty.

The addition of respawn points should definitely help, as well as the wide variety of new weapons and equipment coming in the follow-up. And if the game proves too easy for old-timers, they can always fall back on trying to make it through the game dual wielding with no shield to protect them, or as I like to call it, suicide.

Check out the full Q&A for more on this eagerly anticipated follow-up.

Dark Souls Q&A: Variety is the Spice of Death [PlayStation Blog]



Demon's Souls really wasn't that hard. Infact, I straight-up refuse to believe most of the stories I've heard over the past few weeks due to all the Dark Souls buzz - that gamers are so inept at such basic skills as situational awareness and simple logic ("theres a period where the dragon isn't breathing fire down the bridge's asshole, maybe instead of hanging back and observing the pattern i should blindly run in until i get it right").

I'm not bragging, I'm honestly pretty terrible at games - but christ most of this shit sounds like second and third-hand information flung around just so people can feel included.