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What could possibly be better than Peggle on Xbox Live Arcade? More Peggle on Xbox Live Arcade! PopCap Games has announced a Peggle Nights expansion, doubling the size of the original release.


While Peggle Nights for the PC was a standalone title, the game being released this fall in the form of an expansion pack for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Peggle. Along with the potential to add 50 more points to your gamerscore, Peggle Nights will deliver 60 new levels for play both online and off, 60 new Peggle Challenges, and the Peggle Nights adventure mode, which tells the story of the ball-dropping game.

The expansion also comes with new style shots from the PC version of Peggle, which will be made available as a title upgrade for all Peggle players.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm of the opinion that you can never have too much Peggle. When I am found dead under a pile of tiny metal ball bearings you can savor the irony.

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Still waiting for a price drop/sale on this bad-boy. Already own it on too many other platforms to justify buying the XBLA version at full price.