I enjoy public broadcasting and I value public affairs programming, but I reach for the knob as soon as a political show brings in callers. Rarely are they interested in continuing a discussion or offering a point that starts a new one. They're more likely to disguise an opinion as a question, show off in front of a guest expert, or regale the audience with their self-taught constitutional scholarship.

So, give it up for this guy from Indiana, going out to the ozone layer with this rant against "the video industry" and "shoot-em-up gun games," to which his estranged brother was addicted "30 years ago. Make it 20 years ago. Over 20 years ago." It's not mentioned in this clip, but video editor Chris Person says the guy identified himself as a Democrat, too, proving that the rhetorical diarrhea in this so-called debate has bipartisan parentage. It should be pointed out C-SPAN simply wanted callers' opinions on states taxing guns and ammunition as a passive form of gun control.


"I want to tell you America, and especially those people that play video games. There is more, there is less blood on the killing room floor in a slaughterhouse, you go in there to any slaughterhouse, and you have somebody that's addicted to video games, take them to a slaughterhouse on kill day. You'll see how humanely our food chain works."


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