Thompson Sanctions Hearing Set For Today

At 2:00 PM EST today, Florida attorney Jack Thompson is set to appear before The Florida Supreme Court, where Judge Dava Tunis will consider possible disciplinary sanctions against him. The Florida Bar is seeking to disbar Thompson, removing his ability to practice law in the state of Florida.

As we reported on May 20th, Judge Tunis recommended to the Florida Supreme Court that Thompson be found guilty on 27 of 31 charges of professional misconduct. Of the 27 recommendations of guilt, twenty-one are from a suit related to Grand Theft Auto and four are from an attempt by Thompson to have Rockstar's Bully declared a public nuisance.


Judge Tunis will consider penalties for Thompson, among them his possible disbarment. The Florida Supreme Court will rule on Judge Tunis' recommendations of guilt and of disciplinary actions later this year. Though the Court told us it doesn't issue estimations on when rulings will be handed down, Judge Tunis' full report is due in September.

At the closing of the Bar trial, Thompson had argued he's being unfairly persecuted for his religion, and he issued several statements to the press claiming that Judge Tunis is not legally a judge because she "failed to execute valid state loyalty oaths," and stating action taken against him is a "legal nullity."

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