Thompson: Judge Recommends Permanent Disbarment

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Judge Dava Tunis recommended a permanent disbarment for Jack Thompson with no opportunity to apply for reinstatement, according to a mass email sent out by Thompson this afternoon.

Your Referee down here, Dava Tunis, the one who does not have a federally-mandated loyalty oath even to be on the bench, just today issued her final Referee's Report in the above matter, and she rejected The Bar's recommendation of a ten-year disbarment for me and instead is asking you to disbar me permanently with no opportunity ever to apply for reinstatement.


Thompson goes on to point out other bar disbarment cases which resulted in fewer years, including one involving a Miami lawyer who Thompson said was suspended for two and a half years for having sex with an underage prostitute.

The report, which had a September 5 deadline, recommends Thompson be permanently disbarred, according to Thompson.

We broke the news that Judge Tunis had been asked by the Florida Bar to recommend an "enhanced disbarment," which would have prohibited him from practicing law for ten years, but she recommended a permanent revocation of Thompson's right to practice law.

He yesterday released a statement calling the Judge a "raving wild woman."

Thompson went on to express a desire to resolve the issue, then segued into a story about punks threatening the Biltmore Hotel's golf patrons in order to demonstrate how policies he has recommended help enforce public safety.


We have a call into Florida District Court handling the case for verification of the recommendation but have not yet heard back.

Update: We've got a copy of the full report and Thompson was right, though he failed to mention they also want to fine him $43,000.



Hrmmm... who is better fit as a lawyer... a guy who got lonely enough to ask a prostitute for sex only to discover she was underage (like she would have told him, pfft) or a stark raving lunatic who wields his lawyer powers like he's a Crusader doing God's work...

I mean, I'm not pro-underage-sex or anything, but considering the circumstances, I'd sooner be rid of the psychopathic bringer of Revelations than the lonely sex perv.