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This ZombiU Trailer Shows You What It's Like To Play With The Wii U's GamePad

Trying to describe the experience of playing a Wii U game that takes advantage of the GamePad's accessibility and extra space as well as ZombieU does is a difficult task.


That's why this trailer is here to do it for you instead. You can see how shooting, weapon upgrades, friend notifications, sniping, and rummaging through your inventory look on the second screen. Though it's not quite unlike a few trailers we've seen released, it's another look with a bit more details for you to feast your eyes on.

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Finally a true, honest to god Zombie game. I'm tired of all this Left 4 Dead/Resident Evil/Dead Rising superman games where you kill hundreds of zombies at a time. This is how it's supposed to be, true survival horror. Looks freaking fantastic too.