This Yakuza Ad Is Awesome Even if You Don’t Speak Japanese

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Everybody from Kotaku East is asleep right now. So I don’t have the benefit of their multilingual skills when it comes to translating this advert for the HD re-master of Sega’s first two Yakuza games.


The language barrier is no real obstacle here, however. I can tell that things start off sweet and then get a bit pervy in the release that series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi called "an experiment". There might be some therapy in that little girl’s future.


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It's about the different ways you can play Yakuza on Wii U. The guy is saying stereotypical "Come at me!" (kakattekoi) and making general manly fighting sounds. The girl changes the channel to watch anime and he resumes play on the Wii U gamepad. The woman is going out and afterwards the man professes his love for Jun-chan (the girl in the game), says that it has been a long time since he's seen her, that she's his number one and that she is wonderful. The man wants to treat her to expensive sake, the woman reappears in the background saying that she would like to be treated to sake too, adding that she forgot her wallet. Speaking from an observer standpoint I have to assume death and dismemberment follow in short order.

That is to say, death and dismemberment of his assets in the divorce proceedings.