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This Xbox 360 Batman Arkham Origins Boxart Is Most Unexpected

Illustration for article titled This Xbox 360 emBatman Arkham Origins/em Boxart Is Most Unexpected

Are you excited about the newly-announced Batman: Arkham Origins? It's ok if you were on the fence. But surely this boxart for the Xbox 360 version can win you over? This is a real listing at Wal-Mart. They'll probably change it soon. [UPDATE: And they just did.]


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It looks like Walmart just used a modified Batman Arkham City logo for a stand-in until something more concrete comes along. I thought this was common practice.

edit: I just noticed the Animal Crossing one also says Batman: Arkham Origins. That's likely the one this was posted for. I don't have an answer for that one. Just way out of left field there.