This Woman Does a Pretty Convincing Batman-Style Beatdown

When it comes to bringing action found in popular comics, anime and video games to life, the Thousand Pounds Action Company sets a pretty high standard. They've done videos based off of DC Comics, Naruto Shippuden and Street Fighter and now they're adding the Dark Knight's latest video game to their portfolio.


The young lady in the clip is Mickey Facchinello and she really makes me want to see a Batgirl kicking ass in the Batman video game universe. Folks familiar with Arkham City's combat moveset will see a bunch of familiar moves and camera tricks. Sure, there are no costumes but, with fight choreography this good, who needs ‘em?

Arkham City Inspired Test - Thousand Pounds [YouTube]

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If the action in the Jason Bourne movies would've had these camera shots, I wouldn't have thrown up as much watching them.