We've seen full zip hoodies before, but this full-zip static-free fleece covers more than your chest. This covers your entire body. This is the "Humanoid Fleece."

The Humanoid Fleece is designed to keep you warm—around people you really, really trust.

It's also designed so you can wear it while going to the bathroom.


Going on sale in Japan, it's priced at around the equivalent of US$44. It comes in four colors: Sweets Light Pink, Warming Brown, Youthful Green, and Intelligent Blue.

It certainly does look warm, especially when you think about the extra sweats you'll break into when the zipper gets stuck. But don't think about that.


Oh! The Humanoid Fleece is from Be-s Co., the same folks behind the "Humanoid Sleeping Bag."

And in case you missed it, here is former Gizmodo editor Jason Chen in all sorts of snuggles and Kotaku's Owen Good in a bag.


今年の冬は着る毛布を超えるコイツを着ればもう安心!!っておいwww!! [タムカイズム]

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