This Wii Gun Might Not Be A Great Idea

We've seen our fair share of Wii peripherals that are bad ideas. Saw one this week! Now let's see another one.


Look at it! You could rob a gas station with that thing, and nobody would bat an eye.

"Inspired" by the famous Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, it's got a built-in speaker and even acts as a standalone Wii Remote, meaning you don't need to clip an existing controller in. Adding to the authenticity is the fact the batteries are housed in the magazine clip, which you have to remove to change.

Not sure if the potential sales to gun nut Wii owners is worth the potential negative publicity, but hey, that's peripheral company Komodo's call to make, not mine.

Wii controller resembling an SMG to be shown at E3 [Dtoid]

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