Okay, Now This Wii Peripheral Is Just Silly

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This is an inflatable "racing kart" for the Nintendo Wii. The product pitchman says that we have two choices for Wii racing games: Using the standard remote to steer or the inflatable Wii racing kart with built-in steering wheel holder.


Bwah? Those are the choices?

The pitchman, Doug, also has "no doubt" that we'll be the most popular person on the block if we have this inflatable contraption. If you think this applies to you, do yourself a favor: move. The kart, Doug continues, gives players the feeling of being behind the wheel of a sports car.


Yeah, Doug has never ridden in a sports car.

Doug and some lady named Julie talk about setting up the inflatable racing kart. It involves blowing air into it. Surely, the product's instructions explain this in greater detail.

And then Julie says the kart is soft and comfortable and points out that the entire kart is inflatable "except for the steering wheel". Thanks for clearing that up! She then says the kart is a must for those with children or teenagers. She then says "this is like taking the arcade home without leaving the safety of your living room".

Yeah, this lady has never been to an arcade.

The inflatable racing kart for the Wii can even support up to 300 pounds. 300 pounds!


Doug then points out that the inflatable kart is compatible with Mario Kart, Need for Speed: Nitro, Need for Speed: Carbon, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing "and any other Wii racing games". Phew! I was worried if it would work with Need for Speed: Carbon.

This is priced at US$39.99, which is about $39.99 too much.

Inflatable Racing Kart for Wii [YouTube]


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Is this sponsored by the Chicago Transit Authority?

Or how about the California Truckers Association?