Usually Saya Hikita is smiling. Not today. Today, she is crying.

The 21-year-old pin-up appears as a "spiritual idol" in viral-type videos for upcoming horror game Night of Sacrifice. The game's developers promise more Hikita videos. They seem designed to show how scary the game is, but come off as incredibly annoying.


As previously posted, Night of Sacrifice follows five college students as they visit an area where sacrificial offerings to the gods used to be practiced. The Wii Remote is used as a flashlight as players explore the area. The Wii Balance Board is also used in the game; however, the game's developer didn't fully explain how it will be implemented.

Likewise, this video doesn't show how the Balance Board will be used with the game. It does show crying. Lots of crying. That's the same acting chops Hikita uses when signing autographs for creepy fans in full effect!


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