Nothing Says "Horror" Like "Wii Balance Board"

The Wii Balance Board might not get much exercise outside of Wii Fit, but depending on how upcoming horror game Night of Sacrifice works out, that could change.

Night of Sacrifice follows five college students as they visit an area where sacrificial offerings to the gods used to be practiced. The Wii Remote is used as a flashlight as players explore the area. The Wii Balance Board is also used in the game; however, the game's developer didn't fully explain how it will be implemented.

Night of Sacrifice will be offered to Japanese consumers next March.

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A bunch of kids visit a creepy site in the middle of a forest that used to be a site used for sacrificial offerings for the gods and is now haunted by ghosts?

Anybody else think Fatal Frame when they read that?

Also, I think the Wii Balance board is gonna be used for walking.

Edit: And... the door of my room mysteriously opened while I was watching the trailer... I think it's the wind... sometimes the latch doesn't catch...