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What does it take to unseat Angry Birds from the top of the Windows Phone game charts? How about something smart, sexy and exclusive? Skulls of the Shogun's stylish real-time strategy cuts a wide swath through this week's top ten list.


An exclusive iOS game is just another iOS game. An exclusive Android game is rare and often overlooked. An exclusive Windows Phone game (well, Microsoft platform game—it's for PC, Xbox 360 and Windows RT as well) is an event, something welcomed by the user base with open arms. Then it stabs them and eats their skulls. It can't help who it is.


Despite some buggy performance on some platforms (which should be fixed soon), Skulls of the Shogun is an entertaining experience unique to Microsoft's collection of platforms, and it deserves that top spot, even if it'll be kicked back down by birds very shortly.

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