Last week's sponsorship with Verizon Wireless carries over to this week, meaning the three latest "Madden Moments Live" for Week Four of the NFL are free. Ordinarily they're redeemed with Madden Coins, earned in online play or purchasable outright.

All three this week apply the rewrite-history mode to nailbiters from the NFL's Week Five. They're now available in-game in Madden NFL 11.


• Packers at Redskins: Washington tied this game with a minute left, but Green Bay's final drive ended with a field goal clanging off the upright as time expired. This time, take over the Packers with a minute left and don't let it get to sudden death. Bonus points for winning with a 50-yard field goal.

• Buccaneers at Bengals: Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis was roundly criticized for throwing on third down late, which resulted in an interception and the Bengals snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This time, take over as the Bengals, let GameFlow call the play, and see if it dials up anything as dumbassed as that call. Answer: It won't.

• Chargers at Raiders: Because, Jesus H. Christ after 13 straight San Diego wins over Oakland, the Raiders can't win this game, it'll rupture the fabric of space and time. Charge up the flux capacitor, journey back and make things right.

Last week's three Madden Moments Live also were free thanks to the Verizon sponsorship. I asked if this deal was running any longer and couldn't get a yes-or-no by press time. Update: The sponsorship ends this week.

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