This is Mike Fahey with Kotaku, reminding you to keep your pets spayed and neutered, in honor of a The Price is Right game topping this week's free iPad charts. You should probably just pick one—spay or neuter, not both.

I'm not a vet or anything, mind you. I'm just a big Bob Barker fan. I bet the retired game show host is sitting at home right now with his iPad, poking away at The Price is Right Slots and wondering what the hell is going on. I'm right there with you, Bob. Always.

Since this is the first week we're bringing back the iPad (and iPhone, Windows Phone and Android) charts, we're starting with a simple one through ten. Next week we go and make it all complicated. For now...

Top Paid iPad Games - 10/19/2012


1. Bad Piggies

The other part of Angry Birds' complete breakfast continues to dominate the charts everywhere it goes.

Bad Piggies on iTunes


2. Sonic Jump

Sonic the Hedgehog is famous for his jumping ability. It's his trademark. He's the jumpingest damn hedgehog you've ever seen.

Sonic Jump on iTunes

3. Topia World Builder


I told you it was good, but did you listen? Hopefully.

Topia World Builder on iTunes

Top Paid iPad Games - 10/19/2012


4. Minecraft Pocket Edition

I think it has something to do with blocks or something.

Minecraft Pocket Edition on iTunes


5. Zone Zero HD

This is the first I've heard of Zone Zero HD. It looks like an insane post-apocalyptic shooting gallery. I can dig it.

Zone Zero HD on iTunes


6. True Skate

Experience the pure skateboarding connection between your fingers and the board. What, you skate with your feet? How quaint.

True Skate on iTunes


7. Angry Birds Space HD

It wouldn't be a mobile chart without Angry Birds Space. Well, maybe the Windows Phone 7 chart.

Angry Birds Space HD on iTunes


8. Crazy Taxi

The best way to listen to Bad Religion and The Offspring, period.

Crazy Taxi on iTunes


9. Snail Bob

Don't tell me you've not heard of Snail Bob, and I won't tell you I haven't either.

Snail Bob on iTunes


10. Devil's Attorney

As I mentioned earlier this week, this is so, so very good. It needs to be a card game, a board game—they need to teach this in law school.


Devil's Attorney on iTunes

Now that we've spent all that money, let's fill our dirty little iPad with free games we'll play for five minutes and then forget are there!

Top Free iPad Games - 10/19/2012


1. The Price is Right Slots

Without Bob Barker telling me to keep my pets spayed and neutered The Price is Right means nothing to me.

The Price is Right Slots on iTunes


2. Pilot!

This is obviously a very important game, just look at that exclamation point. This isn't Pilot. It's Pilot!

Pilot! on iTunes


3. Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe HD

Building is a running theme this week. Here we seem to be building Europe.

Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe HD on iTunes


4. Monster Quest

Collect monsters and battle them online with friends? I need to avoid this like the plague—there's just not enough time.

Monster Quest on iTunes


5. Bakery Story Halloween

We're building a bakery. A bakery locked in time. It's like Groundhog Day meets the Nightmare Before Christmas, probably.

Bakery Story Halloween on iTunes


6. Fix-it Felix Jr.

Now a major motion picture.

Fix-it Felix Jr. on iTunes


7. Home Design Story Halloween

It's that reality show starring Vanilla Ice meets Nightmare Before Christmas.

Home Design Story Halloween on iTunes


8. Drawn: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition HD

Can't poke fun at this one. It's the latest in the series of wonderful Drawn adventure games, and it's wonderful.

Drawn: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition HD on iTunes


9. Flow Free

In every other free chart this week, Flow Free was in fifth place. Take that, color puzzles!

Flow Free on iTunes


10. NFL Pro 2013

Still not that great, but what are you going to do, make your own NFL game? *cue game creating montage*

NFL Pro 2013 on iTunes

Now that we've established something of a baseline, next week we can begin positioning, tracking, and making fun of the NFL game for falling off of the list. That's my prediction. I'm like one of those ESPN guys now.