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This Week's iPad Charts: Little Inferno Sets the Charts (and Everything Else) on Fire

Illustration for article titled This Weeks iPad Charts: emLittle Inferno/em Sets the Charts (and Everything Else) on Fire

The game that single-handedly justified the $350 I spent on Nintendo's Wii U console back in November came to iPad this week, spreading joy and laughter to Apple tablet gamers everywhere. And flames — can't forget the flames.


Little Inferno is a magical experience. One moment you're gleefully dropping items into your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace without a care in the world, the next you're realizing how deeply you've been drawn into a game that takes place almost entirely on a single screen. In the interest of keeping the experience as pure as possible I'll stop right there — you just have to play it.


And it looks like plenty of iPad gamers are. Good for them! I've purchased it again myself, and I am a cheap bastard, so that's really saying something.

There were some other games in this week's charts as well, but they aren't as important.

Top Paid iPad Games — 2/1/2013


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Hey Mike, I want to get Little Inferno, and I am just wondering what made the Wii U experience so good. Was it motion control? Not being snarky, just curious.