This Weekend's Best-Named Game Is Guacamelee

The word "Guacamelee" looked indecipherable when I first spotted it on a sign in the indie games booth at the big PAX East show this weekend. I sounded it out. And then I was smitten.

Guacamelee turns out to be the perfect word to describe a Mexican-folklore-themed brawler from the creators of Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (otherwise known as Drinkbox Studios, otherwise known as the people who have dramatically improved their ability to name a video game.)

We shot a video of the upcoming game while Chris from Drinkbox told us what it's all about (He calls it a Metroidvania, FYI). Enjoy.


No release date yet, targeting consoles, PC and maybe Vita.

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Al Roderick

Needs one of two things to make the co-op platforming work: one, the second player has to be able to swap worlds independent of the first (keep the background following the first player, and make the second go into shadow mode.) Second possibility, let one player carry the other through a tricky timing section.