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I've never, ever seen a Google Street View truck out in the wild. And now that I think about it, I don't know that I want to. It'd be a little creepy, knowing that its magic penetrating cameras are sucking all the data out of my pores without my permission. But if you want to swim in the stream of all that geographical data, then there's a download on Nintendo's home console just for you. Wii Street U lets you explore cities all over world, turning the GamePad screen into a window to places where you don't speak the language.


Aside from the unholy spawn of a Nintendo/Google alliance, you've got arcade classic Dig Dug, the demo for a cartoony Naruto adventure, Rabbids who rave and cryptozoological critter husbandry simulators all showing up in downloadable form. Here's the full list of digitally available titles hitting Nintendo platforms this week.

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