This week’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen digs into some of the behind-the-scenes and after-effects of our BioWare reporting. We also talk about the brilliant Baba Is You, Sekiro, and Phoenix Wright. You can listen to the show on your favorite podcast provider or right here:

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I realized the switch version of Baba is You is different and I feel cheated. I think there’s a patch that’ll bring the Switch build up to the same build as the others (the blog says it’s an “April 2nd” patch but it doesn’t seem to be available yet?), but I know of at least one level where my solution doesn’t work in the updated build, and there are 30+ levels that have been tweaked, so I don’t know if there are more levels where my initial solution wouldn’t work. I know I did solve a puzzle, but for some reason it bothers me to know that there are some puzzles I didn’t solve in their “final” state.