This Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade, shoot-em up fans get a healthy dose of redone retro goodness with R-Type Dimensions, repackaging and repolishing the first two games in the R-Type series.

R-Type and R-Type II return this Wednesday in R-Type Dimensions, which takes the classic gameplay of the original shooters and updates them with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from today's advanced downloadable titles. While you can simply amuse yourself playing the classics in their original form, the updated 3D versions look simply amazing, and you can switch between them on the fly at any point during gameplay. Along with the graphical upgrades, Dimensions also adds co-op play both online and off, a stage unlock feature that lets you choose where you want to start shooting once you've completed a stage, and Infinite mode, which loosely translates into Easy mode.

Now how much would you pay? How about 1200 Microsoft points? It's a bit of a higher price than I am used to for a remake of an older title, but the extra features could just be worth it.