This Week On Live Arcade: OutRun Online Arcade

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Get your motor running, head out on the highway, and possibly find a little adventure along with way in this week's Xbox Live Arcade release, OutRun Online Arcade.


Part of the Days of Arcade program, OutRun Online Arcade is the classic racer reborn in high definition for Xbox Live Arcade. Featuring 15 different courses and 10 different Ferrari's for you to race alone or with 1-5 other players via Xbox Live online multiplayer. All of this racing goodness comes at a price, however; and that price is 800 Microsoft points. All in all not bad for 10 Ferrari's and a virtual blonde co-pilot.

OutRun's release leaves only one Days of Arcade title left, so we can likely expect Tozai Games' remake of Lode Runner to drop next week.

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It says you can play with 1-5 players online, but doesn't mention local 2 player? I'm assuming it has local split-screen?