This Week In Video Game Comics

Sonic, Star Wars, Free Realms and Starcraft comics, all sprung from video games, hit comics shops in North America today. Click each thumbnail for more information.

Free Realms #5 (of 12)
Written by JS Lewis. Drawn by Oliver Nome.

Summary Via Wildstorm Entertainment:
Darkthorne reveals a dangerous secret that could threaten the stability of the Free Realms universe. She claims that Queen Valerian's trusted advisor is actually a spy sent to not only poison the queen, but to usher in a new evil like their world has never known. The unlikely allies must join forces to save the realm!


Starcraft #7
Written by Simon Furman. Drawn by Federico Dallocchio and Carlos D'Anda.

Summary Via Wildstorm Entertainment:
The end of the first War Pigs arc looms, but who – if anyone – will still be standing when the dust settles on the doomed, zerg-infested, protoss-purged world of Urona Sigma? Embittered, vengeful Cerberus C.O. Lars Trakken is hell bent on payback, even in the face of impending Armageddon.

Sonic Universe #12
Written by Ian Flynn. Drawn by Tracy Yardley.

Summary Via Archiee Comics:
"Echoes of the Past Part Four of Four": This is it - the grand finale! Angel Island is about to be conquered, and our heroes are powerless to stop it, having been captured and at the mercy of the Dark Egg Legion! Will a last minute revelation save or doom our hapless heroes? It all ends with the fight you've been waiting for: Knuckles vs. Dr. Finitevus in a knock-down, drag-out, no holds barred ruckus! Don't miss the explosive final chapter to Knuckles' return to the spin-off scene!


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #49
Written by John Jackson Miller. Drawn by Brian Ching.

Summary Via Dark Horse Comics:
Demon, Part 3
The penultimate chapter of the most epic Knights of the Old Republic story ever told!


It is do or die for former Padawan Zayne Carrick as he desperately tries to save Jarael's life. He'll call in favors from the Senate, the Mandalorian Cassus Fett, and Admiral Karath of the Republic Navy — but none can prepare him for what he's about to face!

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