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Halo and a double-dose of Blizzard hit comics shops in the U.S. this week. Sadly, it's a week without Sonic comics. But don't be too sad about that. They'll be back!

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Halo Helljumper #5 Written by Peter David. Drawn by Eric Nguyen.

Summary Via Publisher Marvel Comics:
Dutch and Romeo have gotten themselves into some pretty crazy situations, but stealing a Covenant ship would definitely get a medal for Most Insane Thing Done In the Line of Duty. If they survive this, they'll still have plenty of questions to answer: what the heck are the Covenant doing here on Planet Ariel, an otherwise harmless colony? And why are they acting so strange-taking the humans hostage instead of glassing the planet, which is their M.O.? Whatever's lurking deep underneath the surface, if the Covenant wants it that bad, it has to be big… and deadly. DON'T MISS THE GRIPPING CONCLUSION TO THIS HEART-STOPPING STORY!

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Free Realms #3 (of 12) Written by J.S. Lewis. Drawn by Jon Buran.

Summary Via Publisher Wildstorm Entertainment:
Dane and Maya return from their dangerous mission into the Briarwood to retrieve the missing girl, but the queen's representatives aren't offering a hero's welcome! Looks like the queen couldn't care less about the young girl and instead wants the box containing the potion that could keep her majesty from dying. But the box is empty! Now Dane and Maya must return to the Briarwood to find the vial before the queen dies...or her fate becomes their own!

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Sky Pirates of Neo Terra #3 Written by Josh Wagner. Drawn by Camilla D'Errico.

Summary Via Publisher Image Comics:
This issue is non-stop action as Billy and the Pirate King clash over the Light Crystal. Wurl engages in a battle-to-the-death with an old rival, and Suma and Racket have to help fend off a Sky Pirates attack! Based on a game for Nintendo DS and Wii.

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Starcraft #6 Written by Simon Furman. Drawn by Federico Dallocchio and Brian Denham.

Summary Via Wildstorm Entertainment:
What exactly is Cole Hickson's connection to Jim Raynor? Unless the threads of the past can finally be unraveled, the future is looking distinctly truncated. Trapped and surrounded by hostile Zerg insectoids, not to mention a vengeful C.O. and his crack Cerberus unit, the War Pigs might be making their last stand as the Protoss prepare to incinerate the Zerg-infested world the War Pigs are stranded on!

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Warcraft Death Knight Volume 1 Written by Dan Jolley. Drawn by Rocio Zucchi.

Summary Via Publisher Tokyopop:
Thassarian is a loyal Lordaeron solider that longs to be a great hero like his deceased father. Although he possesses immense strength and skill, Thassarian is told that he lacks the spark that all great leaders have to guide men into battle. So when Prince Arthas calls to arms brave men to sail to Northrend and battle the scourge army, Thassarian sees his chance to prove to others—and himself—that he has what it takes to lead. When Arthas goes missing, Thassarian bravely searches for him...and unwillingly becomes ensnared in darkness. Led to a mysterious cave, Thassarian is transformed into a Death Knight, a powerful, emotionless pawn of the Lich King who will follow any order, no matter how cruel...

"Echoes of the Past Part Two": As Knuckles' friends try to valiantly defend the Master Emerald against a seemingly never-ending horde of robots, Knuckles delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding him... until he finally finds Dr. Finitevus! Knuckles is bent on revenge, but he's not counting on the surprise twist that will delay his quest. You can't afford to miss this exciting, action-packed issue!

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I think the Halo comic has the best cover.