Just two gaming comics hit shops in the U.S. this week, including the final all-faction World of Warcraft comic. In January, Wildstorm will start publishing Alliance and Horde WoW comics. I wonder which will be more popular.

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Sonic Universe #10 Written by Ian Flynn. Drawn by Tracy Yardley.

Summary Via Publisher Archie Comics:
"Echoes of the Past Part Two": As Knuckles' friends try to valiantly defend the Master Emerald against a seemingly never-ending horde of robots, Knuckles delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding him... until he finally finds Dr. Finitevus! Knuckles is bent on revenge, but he's not counting on the surprise twist that will delay his quest. You can't afford to miss this exciting, action-packed issue!


World of Warcraft #25 Written by Walter and Louise Simonson. Drawn by Mike Bowden and Tony Washington.

Summary Via Publisher Wildstorm:
The bonus-sized epic final showdown! Will Med'an and the newly formed Council of Tirisfal vanquish the evil Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer? Will the unlikely union of Horde and Alliance be torn asunder?