This Week in the Business: 'You've Decided That Some Breasts Deserve a Prime Spot.'

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "You've decided that some breasts deserve a prime spot."—Rachel Weber, GamesIndustry International journalist, commenting about Future's CVG site posting a gallery of E3 booth babes and sadly asking readers to "get their scorecards out."


QUOTE | "There are people who love the stuff I've worked on ... but there are probably an equal number of people who just think I'm an asshole."–David Jaffe, veteran game designer, talking about his next project and why he's not sure Kickstarter would work for him.

STAT | 45,700—Number of attendees at E3 2012, which may move away from Los Angeles next year.


QUOTE | "Wow, these guys are really terrified of an Apple TV."—Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, commenting on Microsoft's SmartGlass presentation at E3.

QUOTE | "Its ideas are too scattered, its selling point too hard to grasp. Perhaps that's also true of Wii U itself."—Eurogamer journalist Oli Welch talking about NintendoLand, along with other journalists dissing Nintendo's E3 showing.

QUOTE | "It's the right time to come with a new machine, the industry is waiting for new machines, new types of games."—Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, talking about the Wii U and why Ubisoft is developing 8 games for it.

QUOTE | "I personally don't care what the next gen of consoles are because I'm not excited about consoles anymore."—John Romero, co-founder of id Software and designer of Doom, talking about the future of game development.


STAT | $70 billion—Amount of revenue the game industry will take in globally in 2017, according to the latest prediction from research firm DFC Intelligence, with 39% from PC games.

QUOTE | "We're building a PC-targeted game right now and I love that."—Mike Capps, head of Epic Games, talking about Unreal Engine 4 and the resurgence of the PC as a gaming machine.


QUOTE | "You can buy an expensive cup of coffee for more than what it would take for you to access a library of 12 games."—Jack Buser, head of digital products for Sony, talking about the new games that PlayStation Plus provides starting now.

QUOTE | "I just think it cheapens your intellectual property."—David DeMartini, head of EA's Origin digital distribution service, talking about Steam's practice of deep-discounting games for brief periods of time.


QUOTE | "Think about the message it sends out about your confidence in the talent of a development team when ... you farm out the trailer to a separate CGI studio."—Johnny Minkley, veteran gaming journalist, talking about game trailers being made without using in-game material.

STAT | 49 percent—Amount of US households that have at least one game console, according to the Entertainment Software Association; the average is two per household.


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WTF? Nintendo announced everything people wanted to hear from them and all I hear is how they disappointed. The WiiU supports 2 controllers, they have integrated a massive online presence into their console, their third party support has grown immensely and have WiiU exclusives and launching with a new SMB for the system. It'e offering Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon and other streaming services, an extensive game download library, redesigned control sticks and the inclusion of a dedicated controller for non gamepad games.

There's so much negative talk and stories about how they are disappointed. How about writing stories about what was shown? Write more articles that convey the excitement of what's actually new and not what you think should have been introduced.

Damn, all this negativity in the articles and comments is really getting me down. There's so much good stuff that's on the way and all people are focused on is what they didn't get.