This Week in the Business: "These attacks will continue to happen."

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "These attacks will continue to happen." - Security expert and former hacker Gregory Evans makes his case for why PlayStation Network (as well as all of Sony and other companies) is still not secure.


QUOTE | "Sometimes it's emotional." - THQ CEO Brain Farrell admits that discussions with developers about intellectual property ownership (something THQ insists on) can be a difficult thing.

QUOTE | "Watershed event for the industry." - OnLive CEO Steve Perlman's description for the cloud gaming service's full integration with Facebook.

STAT | 27% - The percentage of gamers that research firm Nielsen says already plan to buy the new Project Cafe Nintendo console within six months of release.

QUOTE | "Immersive, high quality Star Wars games." - LucasArts boss Paul Meegan on his company's renewed focus on leveraging one of the biggest brands in all of entertainment.

QUOTE | "The price of 3DS is too high." - Panoptic Management Consultants analyst Asif Khan believes that Nintendo's price point on its new handheld is a major problem – something that many Japanese consumers seem to agree with.

STAT | 4 Million – The number of paying subscribers that EEDAR's Jesse Divnich estimates Activision's Call of Duty: Elite service can gain within its first year.


QUOTE | "We're talking about survival." - Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack asserts that developers are being forced by used game sales to consider including multiplayer when they normally wouldn't.

QUOTE | "Apple is out to eat your lunch." - Games media veteran Mark Friedler on what publishers need to be aware of as they head into E3 next week.


QUOTE | "Thanks for the assistance." - Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg is pleased that the rivalry with Electronic Arts means that EA is mentioning Call of Duty a lot in the press.

STAT | $3.6 million – The amount of new venture capital that Ultima creator Richard Garriott has just raised for his social gaming firm Portalarium.


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"Apple is out to eat your lunch. [...] I asked my 8- and 11-year-old sons if they would rather play their DS or the iPad. No contest. They would rather play Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja."

So sick of this crap. I'm sorry Mark, but that doesn't prove anything other than the fact that your kids are morons.

The fact that anyone thinks that the majority of kids have iPads shows how much of a complete bubble they must live in. A bubble surrounded by wealthy people where kids get $500-800 toys on a whim. That is a nice fantasy to have with 9% unemployment in the US.

"Apple moved its WWDC to the same time as E3 and Steve Jobs will steal more E3 thunder and deliver his software and iCloud keynote at the same hour as Microsoft’s pre-E3 news conference."

Give me a break. iDon't Give A Shit About iCloud. Anyone who wants to hear about games will be checking out E3. They are different markets. I swear, this is a complete media fabrication made up so analysts can feel hip and smart, and it's so god damn annoying.