This Week in the Business: 'The Reputation Activision has Acquired is Unfair'

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "The reputation Activision has acquired is unfair."—Dee Brown, head of Spider-Man developer Beenox (a studio acquired by Activision in 2005), talks about the relationship his team has with the publisher and how supportive Activision has been.


QUOTE | "E3 is a spring break party populated by fresh-faced fanboys."—Matt Martin, European Editor for GamesIndustry International, along with other writers talking about whether E3 is still relevant.

QUOTE | "The industry is too far balanced towards kids and teenagers. It's too focused on violence."—Quantic Dream's David Cage, talking about the game industry's narrow focus and how it should be wider.

QUOTE | "There are a lot more voices coming at you all the time, which... makes people more afraid to take risks."—Tim Schafer, head of Double Fine, talking about how the Internet is affecting game design.

STAT | $2.8 billion—Amount of money the gamification industry is expected to generate by 2016, according to a report by M2 Research.

QUOTE | "I'm afraid the Vita news may underwhelm."—Lewis Ward, IDC Research Manager talking along with other analysts about what Sony may present at E3.

STAT | $14 million—Amount that City National Bank is claiming that Konami and Autumn Games fraudulently acquired in obtaining a loan for the game Def Jam Rapstar; the bank is seeking $8.9 million in damages as well.


QUOTE | "I like Call of Duty, I like Battlefield, but they're very limited in terms of the gameplay."—Sony Creative Director Matt Higby, talking about their new MMOFPS Planetside 2 and its capabilities.

QUOTE | "Many hardcore gaming enthusiasts probably won't like the coverage of casual games."—Billy Pidgeon, analyst with M2 Research, along with other analysts talking about what Microsoft will be showing off at the E3 Expo.


QUOTE | "We believe that this unwavering commitment to quality is the right approach."—Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, explaining why Take-Two has had to delay several key titles.

STAT | 5—Number of days per week kids use mobile devices on average, according to an NPD study of Kids and Apps.


QUOTE | "We haven't had a game yet that cost us more than $10,000 to develop."—Sandy Duncan, CEO of YoYo Games, talking about their best-selling mobile games built using their GameMaker: Studio tool.

STAT | $35 million—Amount of financing that Machinima has secured to expand their original content, distribution into international territories, and get onto new platforms and devices.


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Okay. Regarding David Cage's comments, I haven't played Heavy Rain, but for those who have, was it fun to play as a game, or was the story the primary focus of the game? If you want to "offer some diversity to the medium," fine! Make something fun and marketable, and market it!

"I want to give people the chance to buy something other than ten different first person shooters and RPGs. There should be games for all ages, all tastes."

I hope you don't seriously think that the only gaming options are first-person shooters and RPGs, as though people who are too young for those or who aren't interested in those don't have plenty of gaming options.