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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "The fact is that the general public is not really aware the Wii U even exists ..."—David Cole, analyst with DFC Intelligence, talking along with other analysts about Nintendo's recent disappointing fiscal report and how Nintendo botched its marketing for Wii U.


QUOTE | "It's time we stopped making excuses about why so many games are lame."—Warren Spector, veteran designer, explaining that developers need to make different choices to make better games.

STAT | $9 billion—The market value of Japanese mobile game Puzzle and Dragons developer GungHo Entertainment; this makes it the single biggest company in mobile gaming by far.

QUOTE | "I'm just going to make something that's smart and intelligent, nuanced, and the audience will figure it out."—Brian Fargo, CEO of InXile, talking about why he loves Kickstarter as a way to finance the creation of games.

QUOTE | "We want them to go tell their own stories and do their own thing with it."—Bill Roper, Disney VP, talking about how Disney Infinity is going to be very different from Activision's Skylanders game.


QUOTE | "I can make the same game for a fifth of the revenue, a fifth of the sales, and I can be more profitable."—Chris Roberts, veteran game developer, talking about how his Star Citizen game will succeed outside of a big publisher.

QUOTE | "Team sizes are getting so big that you can't iterate effectively."—Jonatan Crafoord, designer with new Swedish startup That Brain, talking about why AAA games are getting harder to develop.


STAT | $403 million—Profit that Sony projects for its fiscal year that ended March 31, more than double its earlier estimate; this is mostly due to the weakening of the yen and sale of some assets.

QUOTE | "Even the most experienced publishers get it wrong all the time."—Jason Della Rocca, ex-IGDA director and now mentor of game businesses, talking about how tough it is to get the right game and the right team.


QUOTE | "We really admire this app, why don't we make it official?"—Robert Nashak, EVP of BBC Interactive, talking about how they work with people who have created unofficial products based on BBC properties.

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