What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "The next generation of consoles will be the last, and they should be."—David Jaffe, designer of God of War and Twisted Metal, talking about how consoles are going the way of the dinosaurs.

STAT | 5 years—Maximum jail term in South Korea for selling virtual goods online, as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism tries to crack down on teenage crime.

QUOTE | "The ultraviolence has to stop. We have to stop loving it."—Warren Spector, veteran game designer, talking about his impressions of E3 and the amount of violent games he saw there.


STAT | $5.5 million—Amount of money thatgamecompany, creators of Flower and Journey, has raised in funding to release its games independently in the future.

QUOTE | "PC will just continue to be a strong platform for gaming."—Sid Meier, legendary game designer, talking about designing games and the future of games.


QUOTE | "It's our brand that's at risk here."—Sony's European head, Jim Ryan, talking about the PlayStation Mobile initiative to put PlayStation branded games on Android devices.

QUOTE | "We're going to be in the Star Wars business for ten years, who knows?"—Frank Gibeau, head of EA Labels, talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic and whether they may go fully free-to-play some day.


STAT | 5 million—Number of copies EA is looking to sell of Dead Space 3 by bringing the franchise to a wider audience.

QUOTE | "Zynga is terrified of mobile—a platform where it won't enjoy the dominance it did on Facebook."—Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, on the problems Zynga faces as it loses players and its stock sinks.


QUOTE | "It's always shocked me about how little Microsoft cared about the Windows platform."—Peter Molyneux, game designer and former Lionhead boss, talking about how Microsoft has really ignored PC games.

STAT | 440,000—Number of units of Max Payne 3 sold in the US in its first month, which is well below the 600,000 units analysts had expected.


QUOTE | "If E3 is no longer even the best place in the world to announce video games, then what on earth is it for?"—Johnny Minkley, ace game writer and broadcaster, talking about how there were few surprises at E3.

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