What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "It's like the Satan spawn to some people and it's the end of the world because games are free-to-play."—EA COO Peter Moore, talking about how F2P is just a way to get more people into gaming, and it's growing.

QUOTE | "We want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars."—Bungie COO Pete Parsons, talking about the company's desire to make Destiny a cultural icon.

QUOTE | "Our fan feedback, gamer feedback, has been that they very much enjoy 3D as a feature."—Nintendo of America EVP of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt, insisting that the 2DS does not mean Nintendo thinks 3D is unimportant.


QUOTE | "If we really want to be a more serious form of entertainment... we need to talk a broader language."—Ovosonico's Massimo Guarini, developer of the upcoming Vita game Murasaki Baby, talking about the need for the game industry to reach 'normal people'.

QUOTE | "I think many people who make games neither know nor care about storytelling."—Naomi Alderman, writer for iOS game Zombies, Run!, talking about why there are so few stories in mobile games.


STAT | $10.5 million—Amount raised by the Origin Humble Bundle, most of which went to charity; over 2.1 million bundles were sold of EA titles like Battlefield 3, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge.

QUOTE | "We have always wondered how long Microsoft would stay with the game hardware business."—Analyst David Cole, talking along with other analysts about whether Microsoft will remain committed to the Xbox when CEO Ballmer steps down soon.


STAT | 600,000—Number of unique broadcasters per month on Twitch, from console and PC; the streaming game video service also has over 38 million viewers per month.

STAT | 25 million—Number of downloads for EA's Plants Vs. Zombies 2 on iOS; this already exceeds the total lifetime downloads for the original game, according to EA.


QUOTE | "It's almost like these guys have some weird advantage in making new experiences because they aren't experienced."—BioShock and Dance Central designer Dean Tate, talking about how his experience designing AAA games might hurt him.

STAT | 1 million—Number of copies Saints Row IV sold in its first week; the PC version sold more than triple the number of Saints Row The Third sold by THQ in the first week.


This Week in the Business courtesy of GamesIndustry International

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