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This Week in the Business: 'Sony Will Drop Its Hardware Prices This Autumn, Because It Must.'

Illustration for article titled This Week in the Business: Sony Will Drop Its Hardware Prices This Autumn, Because It Must.

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Sony will drop its hardware prices this autumn, because it must."—Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, talking about why Sony needs to cut the price of both the PS3 and Vita in order to boost sales.


QUOTE | "If you make a good game, Zynga will copy it."—Catharina Lavers Mallet, head of's London studio, talking about the difficulties of making social games.

QUOTE | "Our priority right now is definitely to bring more content."—Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, talking about what Sony needs to do to boost PS Vita sales.


QUOTE | "What matters now is whether all of those millions of households with a Wii festering in a cupboard under the stairs will fall for it again."—Dan Pearson, senior staff writer at GamesIndustry International, talking with other journalists about the Wii U's third party support.

QUOTE | "We still would have wanted to publish it even if it was a direct sequel to E.T. from the Atari 2600."—Ken Berry, EVP of Xseed Games, talking about publishing The Last Story for the Wii in the US.

QUOTE | "I fundamentally believe that e-sports will be an Olympic event in my lifetime."—Brandon Beck, co-founder of Riot Games, talking about how the popularity of games like League of Legends continues to grow.

STAT | 147%—Amount that sales rose for Japanese mobile social game giant Gree for their fiscal year just ended in June; total sales were $2 billion, with $609 million in net profits.


QUOTE | "This is the best time to be a game designer."—Neil Young, CEO of ngmoco, talking about how player data from mobile games helps make games better.

QUOTE | "Our definition of success is their failure."—Brian Fargo, CEO of InXile, talking about how big game publishers view Kickstarter-funded games like Wasteland 2 >.


QUOTE | "Those Zynga-like games give the 'casual' market a bad name."—David Crane, creator of the classic Atari 2600 game Pitfall, talking about how they promote the game.

STAT | 235 million—Number of gamers now playing games on Facebook, according to the company; that's up from 205 million this time last year.


STAT | 7 million—Number of copies of Minecraft that have been sold for the PC, according to Mojang; they've also sold over 2 million copies on Xbox Live Arcade.

QUOTE | "We will never abandon physical media. As long as the consumer wants to buy something on a disc, we will be there to offer it."—Peter Moore, EA COO, talking about how digital sales will overtake physical sales in a few years.


This Week in the Business courtesy of GamesIndustry International

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I think what sony needs to do is combine the software markets of the vita and ps3. They've started down that road a bit offering several games for both systems, but I think if you offered every vita title on the ps3 you're looking at a potential market of 50+ million (probably closer 15 million when you actually factor in PSN users that buy things), and a market w/ very little AAA competition. From a developers standpoint that's a potential goldmine. From sony's standpoint they don't really make as much profit off the hardware as they do from the software so it benefits them also. This would work much much better than a vita price cut right now.