This Week in the Business: "Soften the difficulty a smidge when you return."

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "Put the screws to Sony in next console war." - Panoptic Management Consultants analyst Asif Khan's thinking that Microsoft may gain the upper hand against a PlayStation 4 next round.


TWIST | Modern Warfare 3's big reveal came and went this week and the response from critics was surprisingly muted, suggesting that Infinity Ward may indeed have been weakened and Call of Duty may have jumped the shark.

QUOTE | "A significant part of the landscape." - id programming genius John Carmack talks up the potential of cloud gaming in a personal 'Better Know' Q&A feature.

QUOTE | "Definitely still in the conversation." - Irrational's Ken Levine remains a believer in the BioShock movie idea and continues to have talks with interested parties.

QUOTE | "I'm not sure they will ever get it right." - Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter on the sorry state of Nintendo's online strategy in a discussion about whether or not Nintendo will embrace DLC.

QUOTE | "There are no system sellers anymore." - Billy Pidgeon of M2 Research asserts that having a new Mario game at launch of Project Cafe won't make or break the system, which could see third-party exclusives.

QUOTE | "Soften the difficulty a smidge when you return." - Epic's Cliff Bleszinski espousing a special dynamic difficulty setting to ease gamers back into titles they haven't touched in a while.


QUOTE | "Reinvent themselves." - Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake) executive Aki Järvilehto on the growing threat of smartphones and how Sony and Nintendo will be challenged.

QUOTE | "A reasonable bet." - Arvind Bhatia of Sterne Agee on the chances that Take-Two will be bought out by another major publisher.


QUOTE | "Will not adapt." - Kabam executive Chris Carvalho asserts that "at least one major Western publisher" will fail to adjust to the evolving digital and social space and will disappear.

STAT | 49 percent – Take-Two's revenue growth in a non-GTA year as the publisher continues to make progress with other IP like L.A. Noire which saw an "exceedingly strong response."


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Good, I can't wait until the CoD franchise dies or does something to finally justify its immense popularity. Let's face it, the entire series is more successful than it has any right to be.