This Week In The Business: Putting The 'F' In Free-To-Play

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QUOTE | "I was so fed up of people telling us we should do free-to-fucking-play, in-app-fucking purchases, whatever the fuck that is, and that consoles were dead. So fuck all of those people and their fucking shitty stance." - Graeme Struthers of Devolver, talking about why he's happy to see next-gen consoles doing well.


Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Consumers love the device; they love the experience. They'll buy it" - Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer, talking about the Kinect and why it will continue to be important even though it's not included in the $399 Xbox One package.


QUOTE | "These are multinational, enormous corporations and if they get their way, they could stifle this indie community in the media." - Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning, talking about why net neutrality is the biggest issue facing games today.

QUOTE | "There are just toys everywhere and everyone's talking about games non-stop. You're not having people showing you spreadsheets and talking about business plans." - Sony Worldwide Studios' Scott Rohde, talking about how the atmosphere has changed at Sony's offices to be more game-centric and indie-friendly.

QUOTE | "Freemium effectively focuses on a niche - they just happen to be whales who spend unlimited amounts of money." - Ustwo director of games Neil McFarland, talking about why they priced Monument Valley as a premium game.

QUOTE | "We wanted to tell a story over ten years." - Bungie COO Pete Parsons, talking about the company's plan for Destiny and why it's requiring a $500 million investment from Activision.


QUOTE | "Our vision is to provide what we call a gamer lifestyle." - Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester, explaining the company's vision and why Magicka 2 is coming to the PS4.

STAT | $100 billion – Amount of revenue that game software of all types is predicted to generate globally by 2018, according to analyst firm DFC Intelligence; this compares to the $64 billion globally expected for this year.


QUOTE | "How, as a smaller independent developer, can you make sports games in a more accessible way?" - Peter Garcin, executive producer at HB Studios, talking about the difficulties of doing sports games without a license.

QUOTE | "As more and more projects may fail to deliver on their promises due to lack of planning or oversight, crowd funding for games will become increasingly difficult." - Cloud Imperium Games co-founder Ortwin Freyermuth, suggesting that lessons from independent film financing could help crowd funded games.


STAT | 54 million – Number of copies of Minecraft sold across all platforms, according to Mojang; the console editions combined have now sold more than the PC/Mac versions.

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It's funny that one year or two ago people were talking about how mobile was the future and f2p the saving grace for gaming. Where are those people now?