This Week In The Business: More Ambitious Than Molyneux

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QUOTE | “It’s simply the most ambitious game we’ve ever created at Lionhead.” - An explanation for Fable Legends’ latest delay, as posted on the game’s official website by Lionhead Studios, a company founded by Peter Molyneux.


Elsewhere in the business of gaming this week...

QUOTE | “Azubu was there but was generally regarded as an elaborate money laundering scheme.” - Azubu CEO Ian Sharpe, on the streaming service’s reputation before he arrived in August of 2013.

STAT | 18 years – The lifespan of Agatsuma Entertainment, developers of the (sadly appropriately titled) fishing-based platformer Sayonara Umihara Kawase, which opened in 1997 and was shuttered by its parent company last week.

STAT | $100 million – The amount of money Cloud Imperium Games has raised to create Star Citizen, the majority of it coming from the sale of virtual goods.

QUOTE | “We’ll be able to do things that are more edgy, preserving the quality we’ve had so far, while at the same time finding new challenges and exploring new areas.” - Hideo Kojima, explaining what he hopes to do with the greater autonomy he’ll have as an independent developer.

QUOTE | “ Contrary to statements from other sources, those layoffs are not related to plans of founding a workers’ council, particularly since we did not know of a council election nor the planned appearance of a union representative at our offices on the 25th of November.” - Goodgame head of communications and public affairs Dirk Hensen, insisting the company’s recent firing of 28 employees late last month was made for purely operational reasons.


STAT | 100% – The amount of Riot Games now owned by Tencent, after the Chinese publisher and majority shareholder acquired all remaining equity in the League of Legends studio this week.

QUOTE | “With Early Access, we did it three times with different results. There’s just so much baggage with that, and I feel like crowdfunding is something our community responds really positively to, and they feel the most empowered by it.” - Double Fine founder Tim Schafer, explaining why the company isn’t likely returning to Early Access anytime soon.


STAT | At least 16 – The number of patent lawsuits Texas-based Virtual Gaming Technologies has filed against companies like DraftKings and Electronic Arts since it first registered with the state in September.

QUOTE | “We believe that the market is going to explode, and there is a huge need gap for good quality local content.” - Nazara Games CEO Manish Agarwal, on the need for developers to target Indian gamers with Indian content.


QUOTE | “[I]f developers are feeling confident that there’s a fan base that wants their content, then they will tend to take more creative risks. They will feel more comfortable about launching brand-new IP, which I think is the life-blood of the industry.” - Sony Computer Entertainment head Andrew House, on how a resurgent console market has made developers less risk-averse.

STAT | $1,052,110 – The amount of Kickstarter backer funds augmented reality company CastAR is refunding after completing a Series A funding round. Those who supported to receive hardware will still receive a CastAR consumer system when it launches.


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To this day, I don’t understand the hype around the Fable games. Maybe I’m one of those people that picks up a game years after its release and doesn’t grasp the game’s import at its original publishing date, but I was at a bit of a loss as to why the original is considered to be so groundbreakingly genius when I picked it up at a Steam sale and played it about 5 years ago. I played 2 and 3 as well b/c I thought maybe I was just playing the original out of its original setting in time and I feel like I’m missing something.