This Week In The Business: "Less Poking, More Stroking"

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QUOTE | “My motto is less poking, more stroking.” - Funomena CEO Robin Hunicke addressing the problem of the “power grip” configuration in VR controllers like Vive and how there needs to be a more relaxed, finesse or “precision grip.”


QUOTE | “In a way, The Last of Us really got us thinking about systems.” - Naughty Dog designer Matthew Gallant talking about the impact that working on Last of Us ultimately had on Uncharted 4 as the studio thought about AI.

QUOTE | “If you don’t reach 20% of your goal in two days, you’ll almost certainly fail.” - Wasteland 3 developer and inXile Entertainment CEO Brian Fargo reflects on the crowdfunding space and how to attract those higher-tier backers.

QUOTE | “We simply need to learn, grow and improve as developers more quickly.” - Bohemia CEO Marek Španěl, developer of DayZ and ARMA, discussing the thinking behind its experimental early access platform.

STAT | $100 million – The money that HTC believes will be generated in revenues for VR developers in the next couple years if they seek out monetization opportunities like Viveport Arcade.

STAT | 4.5 million units – The number of copies that Mafia 3 and NBA 2K17 each shipped, setting 2K launch records, while Civ VI reached 1 million sales faster than any previous entry in the series.

STAT | $100 billion – How big the overall mobile games market will be in 2020, comprising about 55% of the mobile apps space at $189 billion, according to App Annie.


QUOTE | “I like to see VR as a medium that merges immersive theater, the creative power of digital imagery and the gamification of video games.” - Flavio Parenti, CEO of Untold Games, which recently launched Loading: Human alongside PSVR, discussing the challenge of making adventure games for VR headsets.

QUOTE | “We need to start by understanding that VR is fundamentally different than other mediums....VR is a superset of all existing media. You can put any existing media inside of VR.” - Tom Sanocki, founder of VR studio Limitless, talking about what developers must do to push the VR medium forward.


QUOTE | “My experience of the Indian market is that it is extremely speculative and bullish, funded by a lot of venture capitalists who are really disconnected from reality and easily buy into any hype.” - Indie developer Shailesh Prabhu talking about the hype for a massive Indian smartphone market and why it’s not the big opportunity everyone thinks it is.

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there was an interesting number that came late last week, about Destiny (via SuperData)

This September, Activision Blizzard demonstrated their mastery over the monetization technique with a newer franchise: After delaying the release of Destiny II, Activision instead switched tactics and released the Rise of Iron expansion instead. As a result, the title’s revenue sky-rocketed from $7.2 million to $59.1 from August to September 2016, putting Destiny at the top of console rankings.

This number is higher than vanilla-Destiny at game’s launch ($47.5M during September 2014).

note : and I prefer not to talk about the bad reception of the Festival of the Lost this year ...