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This Week In The Business: Illegal Trade Offerings

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QUOTE | “I wouldn’t even say the gap has closed... We’ve got a lot more exclusive games than any other platform.” - Microsoft VP Kudo Tsunoda, talking about why he believes the Xbox One is a much stronger platform now.


QUOTE | “When we say a consumer product, we mean a consumer price point... Grandma is not buying a thousand dollar product for the kids.” - CEO David Henkel-Wallace of augmented reality startup CastAR, talking about how their headset is designed for a broad audience.

QUOTE | “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a new Electronic Arts, Activision scale company that was built from this moment forwards instead of having its roots basically back in the mid-80s?” - Neil Young, CEO and co-founder of N3TWORK, rhetorically explaining his goals for his new mobile game venture.


QUOTE | “It’s a game I wanted to make, not to play...There’s no way anybody would want to play this game.” - Indie developer Zach Barth, talking about his game TIS-100 about assembly language programming and how it’s found success despite his worries.

QUOTE | “A few key franchises for consoles continuously make up a large percentage of revenue each year; however, I think it is shocking to see mobile is following the same pattern already.” - NPD analyst Liam Callahan, talking about the spending patterns of mobile game players in the USA.

QUOTE | “If I go to make a decision about the game design that the rest of the team doesn’t agree with or they think is going to damage the game, everyone jumps out of their chairs.” - League of Geeks co-founder Blake Mizzi, talking about how they gamified salaries for everyone making their first game Armello.

QUOTE | “I think it’s probably dead-just like the Wii Vitality Sensor was before and they didn’t tell anybody.” - Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter, talking about why he thinks we haven’t heard anything from Nintendo about its “Quality of Life” initiative that was supposed to appear by March 2016.


STAT | $4.2 million – Amount of revenue that mobile game Monster Strike took in every day for the last three months, almost all in Japan; publisher Mixi reaped $127.9 million in profit for the quarter, and will launch the game soon in North America.

QUOTE | “The investment interest we’re seeing is far exceeding our expectations.” - Fig CEO Justin Bailey, talking about how the new game crowdfunding platform raised $500,000 in two days for its first project, The Outer Wilds.


QUOTE | “The publisher model does not work in mobile. Because of the razor thin margins there’s not enough pie to split.” - FlowPLay’s Derrick Morton, explaining why he thinks the mobile game market is “really, really broken.”

QUOTE | “The illegal trade offerings that have been offered to date come with certain risks and uncertainties for gamers and no renumeration for the game creators.” - CEO Alexander Höptner of Swapster, talking about how this new company enabling virtual item trades will be much better for gamers and the industry.


QUOTE | “We haven’t always made the right decisions and we haven’t always performed the best we should. We are all well aware of that.” - Funcom CEO Rui Casais, talking about how the company is hoping to get out of debt with the right investor.

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