This Week in the Business: 'I Would Say, Hang on to Your 360.'

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ... QUOTE | "I would say, hang on to your 360."—Albert Penello, product planning boss for the Xbox One, talking about the genesis of the Xbox One and its lack of backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games.


QUOTE | "There has to be some concern that Microsoft is biting off more than they can chew."—DFC analyst David Cole, reacting along with other analysts to the Xbox One reveal.

QUOTE | "It wasn't about games, it was about a set-top box."—Andy Schatz of Pocketwatch Games, creators of Monaco, along with other indie developers talking about their reactions to the Xbox One unveiling.


QUOTE | "Activision is the master of diluting intellectual property value ... Call of Duty is at risk of being next."—Asif Khan, stock analyst, explaining why he is recommending that investors Hold, not Buy on Activision stock.

QUOTE | "Our anticipation is that generation 8 will be at least 30 per cent bigger."—Chris Lewis, Microsoft Europe's VP of Interactive Entertainment, talking about how the console market will continue to grow.

QUOTE | "I figured that question would come up; Microsoft has said they will support [used games]."—GameStop president Tony Bartel, responding to analyst questions about whether used games will work on Xbox One.

QUOTE | "I hope people weren't confused about games still being absolutely critical and fundamental to us."—Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK marketing chief, explaining that the Xbox One is a game machine despite the unveiling's emphasis on other features.


QUOTE | "We need to push ourselves and get away from sequels and rehashing."—Jeremy Pope, former manager of production on Grand Theft Auto titles, talking about where he thinks game design needs to go.

QUOTE | "Early Access is freaking fantastic for testing out a release without actually releasing."—Dejobaan Games' president Ichiro Lambe, talking about Valve's Early Access program on Steam.


STAT | 47.7%—Amount of new PS3 and Xbox 360 games in the US that are sold by GameStop; the company is hoping this number grows for Xbox One and PS4 software sales.

QUOTE | "The Ouya is for those who want the cutting edge, experimental or du jour content that wouldn't find its way to the console."—Designer and consultant Will Luton, explaining how he's come to think the Ouya will be a success.


QUOTE | "How does an idea become an immersive game experience?"—Jeremy Snead, director of Video Games: The Movie, talking about what led him to create this documentary.

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Dumpster Jedi

Imagine these scenarios:

Chevrolet: Introducing the 2014 Corvette Stingray!

GM product planner: Keep your old Corvette.


Intel: Introducing the new i9 chips!

Intel product planner: Hold on to your i7.

So... the product planner recommends keeping the predecessor of the product he just planned. Seems that if the first piece of advice you have for your new product is "keep the old one", you probably didn't plan the new product that well.