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This Week in the Business: ‘I Set Up to be a Negative Profit Enterprise, and I’ve Been Successful.’

Illustration for article titled This Week in the Business: ‘I Set Up to be a Negative Profit Enterprise, and I’ve Been Successful.’

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "I set up Molleindustria to be a negative profit enterprise and so far I've been very successful."— Paolo Pedercini, creator of anti-NRA game The Best Amendment, talking about how he's exercising his freedom of speech.


QUOTE | "10 years from now [Riccitiello will] be hailed as a pioneer."—TechSavvy Global CEO Scott Steinberg and other analysts assess EA boss John Riccitiello as he prepares to exit the company.

QUOTE | "It's sad really, that company used to kick ass. Riccitiello was the single largest reason it stopped."—An ex-EA executive, commenting about soon-to-be ex-CEO John Riccitiello's tenure at Electronic Arts.


QUOTE | "I think tablet's becoming almost the ultimate game platform."—Steve Chiang, president of games at Zynga, talking about why Zynga is moving heavily into mobile game development.

STAT | $100 million—Amount of money spent developing Bioshock Infinite, according to a report in The New York Times; more than $100 million is expected to be spent on the marketing for the game.

QUOTE | "Nothing changes very much from year-to-year, so there's a lot of room to try new things."—David Rosen of Wolfire Games, talking abouthow there's plenty of room for design innovation in the FPS genre.

QUOTE | "[Clones] are a net positive as they challenge us to think differently and work harder."—COO Matt Turetzky of Lima Sky, creators of mobile hit Doodle Jump, talking about why he's not worried about clones.


QUOTE | "Publishers are coming to realize there is still this core gamer audience."—Simon Barratt, co-founder of developer Four Door Lemon, talking about creating more games for hardcore gamers.

QUOTE | "If people left your game feeling dissatisfied you are never going get to get them back."—Emily Greer, co-founder of Kongregate, talking about how free-to-play games can last a long time if they treat players with respect.


STAT | $330 million—Amount Chinese game giant Tencent spent on its investment in Epic Games; that sum purchased a 40% share in the developer.

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No, John Riccitiello is the reason why EA started kicking ass to begin with, braindead consumers are the reason why EA was a shitty mega-publisher before Riccitiello, and they're also the reason why EA started failing after Riccitiello.

EA was well on its way to be a very good, gamer-conscious publisher by 2007, dropping all the shit we hated about it (Sports brand aside), but considering the mainstream idiots rule this industry and their love for Activision supercedes quality gaming and new IPs - EA had to go back to being shitty just to turn a profit. Any "ex-EA" exec that thinks the company before Riccitiello was "kick ass" is a moron. Profitable? Yes. Good? Fuck no.