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QUOTE | "I'm going to stop doing press and I'm going to stop talking about games completely." - Veteran designer Peter Molyneux, responding to the "terrible and awful, emotional time over the last three days" after he admitted failing to deliver his Godus Kickstarter promises.


Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "We come under attack... every day, by people who hide behind the banner of free-speech, and they demean it by doing so." - Alex Lifschitz, who along with Zoe Quinn has set up the Crash Override service, explaining how they help targets of online mob harassment.


QUOTE | "I've seen the very destructive and damaging effect of too much secrecy." - Creator of Pong Al Alcorn, reflecting on the history of the games business and how the game industry could do better.

QUOTE | "I'm really interested in getting away from the box of space marines and simulations and moving into the space of empathy and creating the ability to experience other people's lives." - Designer Robin Hunicke, talking about how she likes to push the boundaries of the gaming medium.

STAT | 10 million – Number of copies sold, combined, of Assassins Creed Unity and Assassins Creed Rogue in 2014, according to Ubisoft; Far Cry 4 sold 7 million, while Watch Dogs sales now total 10 million units.

QUOTE | "One of the things I love about the industry is that it's in a constant state of disruption. We don't have a formula yet for what a game is, and even in the last 20 years, games have evolved incredibly." - Jade Raymond, former managing director of Ubisoft Toronto, talking about the industry's future.


QUOTE | "The games industry is fascinating. It is volatile, full of unexpected successes and failures, fantastically expensive and, in my mind, the future of entertainment." - Joost van Dreunen, CEO of SuperData, explaining why EA and other companies should provide more info about digital sales.

QUOTE | "I've always disliked the notion of scores on something as abstract and subjective as games." - Rami Ismail, Vlambeer co-founder, commenting along with other designers about Eurogamer's move abandoning numeric game ratings.


STAT | 2.4 billion – Number of Minecraft video views in January, making it the most viewed game on YouTube with 41% of all game video views; that's three times as many views as the next game franchise, Grand Theft Auto.

QUOTE | "Most people start with gaming first... We always start with the story and the cast and then think of how to get people to do what they organically really want to do while playing in that environment." - Telltale CEO Dan Bruner, talking about their approach to game design.


QUOTE | "We only really have one shot to convince consumers that VR is as amazing as those of us working with it know it to be." - nDreams' Andreas Gschwari, talking about the challenges of designing for virtual reality.

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