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This Week In The Business: Disappearing Developers

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QUOTE | “I suspect that Apple would be ecstatic if 90 percent of game developers disappeared overnight. See also: Steam.” - Indie developer Jeff Vogel, explaining why he walked away from iOS development after his game Avernum 2 was pulled from the App Store.


Elsewhere in the business of gaming this week...

QUOTE | “Companies don’t build games, people build games. And happy people build better games.” - Ignited Artists CEO and co-founder Danielle Deibler, explaining why they are developing mobile games while trying to maintain a work/life balance.


QUOTE | “Being able to start casting comets down from the sky and having dragons breathe fire on 10,000 men at once is a really interesting departure.” - Total War brand director Rob Bartholomew, talking about their upcoming game Total War: Warhammer.

QUOTE | “I firmly believe the days of the WoW-style MMO are over. And that means we have to change with the times.” - Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) CEO John Smedley, talking about exploring a new business model with H1Z1 and other games.

QUOTE | “We actually need to do something to change the situation and stop talking about it over and over and over again.” - IGDA executive director Kate Edwards, talking about the ongoing issues of gender balance and harassment in the game industry.

QUOTE | “One of the most important takeaways from massively popular mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, is that the majority of all gamers span across many demographics and often prefer light-hearted vs hard-core games.” - Resolution Games founder and former King exec Tommy Palm, explaining why they will be developing “family-friendly” VR games.


QUOTE | “You can make a lot of money at number 20, and, by the way, two years ago that wasn’t the case.” - Warner Bros. Interactive’s senior VP of mobile Greg Ballard, talking about why mobile games are so important to the company.

QUOTE | “Having a modest, steady influx of funds can help you avoid one of crowdfunding’s biggest traps: selling a game faster than you can deliver it.” - Poppermost CEO Alexander Bergendahl, talking about why developers need to focus on making regular progress with crowdfunded games.


STAT | 14.8 million – Number of PlayStation 4 consoles Sony sold during its fiscal year 2014, according to its latest earnings report; Sony’s Games & Network Services segment has become the company’s biggest earner, growing 33% over last year to bring in $11.5 billion.

QUOTE | “I’m not fundamentally against free-to-play... But, for kids’ games, I think it’s out of the question.” - Joyful Works’ Basar Simitci, talking about why he thinks it’s important to be ‘pay once and play’ for kid’s games.


QUOTE | “Our north star is really simple. It’s just make life easy for developers and the rest will take care of itself.” - ID@Xbox games director Chris Charla, talking about how the initiative has changed and continues to evolve with Windows 10.

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I think core games will have a new lease of life when we end the era of consoles and start the era of streaming. In ten years time, consoles won't exist, you'll just boot up the Rockstar App on your Smart TV, login to your account and stream GTAVII. And when that happens, that $300 barrier to play console games evaporates as well.